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Shelf Talk is an infrequent snapshot of events and trends in the CPG and food/beverage industries. I draw from my 20+ years of industry experience to summarize the most relevant news stories and offer my own opinions on recent acquisitions, expansions, and competitive moves.

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Meet Scott Sanders

Scott Sanders is partner at Growcery Partners, where he advises food, beverage, CPG, and retail brands on pricing, promotion, branding, strategy, and more. He first entered the industry through his family’s syrup business, Bosco Chocolate Syrup, and later served as its co-owner.

If you recognize Bosco, it may be because it appeared on Seinfeld as George Costanza's ATM code—the result of a public relations campaign Scott launched during his time at the company.

He managed marketing analytics strategy for clients of Acosta Sales & Marketing, providing direction to blue-chip companies like Ahold (Stop & Shop/Giant Food), Heinz, Clorox, Georgia-Pacific, and Johnson & Johnson.

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Over the years, Scott’s provided his services to businesses ranging from Fortune 500 companies to private equity-backed startups. He most recently served as Head of Growth, Data, & Analytics at Keto and Co., where he guided the company's growth during the supply chain and staffing challenges of the pandemic.

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Consultant providing insights + strategy for growth in CPG/food/retail | Product & Market Intel | Marketing Strategy | Partnerships | Pricing Optimization | New Product Development | Experience at Keto and Co., Bosco Syrup, Acosta, & more.